In Praise of a Pattern

Since I taught myself to sew, one of my favorite sources for patterns has been Sense and Sensibility Patterns.  I have been a fan of this website since I saw the movie Titanic back in 1997 and wanted to create my own clothes from the movie.  At the time that I stumbled upon the website, Mrs. Chancey had not yet begun her own pattern line, but I was thrilled when she did!  It took me a few years to get “the guts” to actually try a project on my own, but I finally did and it began a whole new work of sewing, creating and designing that I have loved every minute of!

I have had fabulous results with all of Mrs. Chancey’s patterns, but my favorite by far is the 1910’s Tea Gown.  The Titanic/Edwardian era has long been one of my favorite clothing periods, and I was excited to get a pattern that would help me create a dress from that time period.  I actually bought it and didn’t use it for a long time, thinking it was a little too advanced for me.  However, when I took on the task of costuming my school’s production of The Music Man (which takes place in 1912), I knew I had to try!  I achieved amazing results!  I actually used the pattern for THREE different dresses from the show.  I made the dresses up completely differently each time, which was something I loved about the pattern (how versatile it was and how easily I, still a relative beginner, was able to take it and change it up slightly).  No one knew that I had used the same pattern for three of the costumes.

Even with this one being my favorite, it took until THIS year to make a dress for myself!  I decided to be Rose from Titanic for Halloween, and I didn’t even have to think twice about the pattern.  I made the dress up for the first time for myself, and I loved wearing it!

The 1910’s Tea Gown made up for myself for Halloween 2010.  This spring I plan to do something a little different with the pattern again, and make it tea length so that it can be worn for springtime parties and events.

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